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Simply wished to pop back having a few points: 1. He does know that I’ve been celibate/monogamous for a lengthy while, but we have not raised I had sex that I haven’t been tested since six months after the last time .

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Simply wished to pop back having a few points: 1. He does know that I’ve been celibate/monogamous for a lengthy while, but we have not raised I had sex that I haven’t been tested since six months after the last time .

that has been a lengthy, number of years ago. I would personally never ever start thinking about lying if he inquired about it, i am simply not certain that i ought to bother operating in and having tested once more prior to getting it in with a brand new individual, only if because my final outcomes had been A-OK and I also’ve hardly also hugged anybody ever since then, aside from swapped liquids with some body. 2. i’ll literally never ever forgo barrier protection/condoms when I have always been with a partner with who i actually do not need a relationship that is monogamous/exclusive. Ever. Total general public wellness risk, in spite of how much it could suck and/or each other may doth protest. 3. He could be certainly earnestly setting up along with other individuals, having somewhat recently ended a relationship that is long-term. He had been really available about any of it, said immediately, so we’ve had the “letis just connect because neither of us wishes a relationship but we are both actually drawn to each other” talk already. Therefore I’m thinking a shared address regarding the entire are-you-testing/tested-or-not thing should oftimes be done before we also meet up. 4. Already had my personal favorite water-based lube, bunches of condoms, favorite toys, towels and a sheet (because I do not would you like to sully the resort towels/sheets), and water in bottles nicely lined up close to my instantly case. Three cheers for advance planning. 5. i am gonna offer to spring for the resort, because we benefit the guy in which he’s a bartender at a distinct segment restaurant. We have talked vaguely of switching down who does check out whom we live if we kept seeing each other

90 kilometers apart — so if the hookups do carry on, they will be occurring in locations where do not charge by the night, i.e. our abodes that are respective. (With security. Constantly.)

Thanks again! posted by electroshock blues

Ooh, the known proven fact that you have had the “what do we wish using this situation” talk already appears to bode extremely, perfectly.

Numerous friends, including family members whom reside within ten full minutes of where i’ll be, seem to be in control of my intended plans, location, their name/contact info, history, etc. — that is to express that when this all really occurs rather than just winding up forgotten as some ridiculous dream half-concocted by strange strangers whose paths randomly intersected for an individual night, the security aspect is pretty much covered. My Gift of Fear-dar somehow was able to invert whenever he had been around, and also at this point, i’m confident in to be able to ascertain through the style of guy whom might (as well as could, theoretically) get frightening in close quarters.

I will be additionally alert to the potential risks and potential risks inherent in this kind of task, when I have always been conscious of the potential risks and perils of activities such as for example operating automobiles, having a drink, making love with anybody, as well as other items that could be, statistically talking, much more dangerous than spending an erstwhile afternoon with an individual you arbitrarily meet and love and just, y’know, wanna bang? That is a fairly good feeling to have, appropriate — maybe perhaps not for all, but also for some people, yeah! Which will be to state that i am round the block lots of times, albeit perhaps maybe not really while that is long. And I also vow to not get murdered.

Exceptional guidelines and reminders for multiple facets of maximizing your safe(r) casual intercourse practise — precisely what we required (and had forgotten through the years), cheers all! posted by electroshock blues

I acquired pinged using the auto-reminder to adhere to up, and did not desire any future AskMe readers to believe I’d been lost to your abyss of random hookups, therefore here i will be!

We did not become planning to a strange company resort, we simply decided to go to his apartment — when I had texted a half-dozen friends their target, natch — plus it had been SUPERB. All the other words fail me. It absolutely was merely among the best, most fun, empowering experiences I had as a grownup woman. After spending a bit that is fair of speaking about that which we liked, REALLY liked, and could want to take to, we spent

12 right hours operating the gamut out of all the above. Disclosing STD assessment status had not been a big deal at all, simply an element of the pre-game checklist — neither of us had any difficulty with asking or telling. Any/all acts were performed completely sober and just upon getting extremely enthusiastic permission. We actually skipped to my vehicle the second early early morning, and have always been still feeling pretty damn triumphant concerning the thing that is whole. We remain friendly and generally are certainly from the exact same web page w/r/t future encounters (such as, “more of this, please!”).

Long story short, it may be done! Communication, sincerity, and safety are fundamental! Best of luck, fellow seekers! posted by electroshock blues

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