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What Is A Wood Planer & What Does A Planer Do?

This can lead to more serious thickness planer “snipe” on your boards. POWERTEC’s benchtop thickness planer is worth a look if you want mid-range capability from a planer. This planer has a 12.5-inch-wide board capacity and a 6-inch maximum thickness.

wood planer

Many of the products that we review are provided to us for free by a manufacturer or retailer. In some cases, we also have advertising or affiliate relationships with manufacturers and retailers of products and services we review. For additional information please visit our additional disclosure policies. Hey Todd, is there anyone out there who has a good field set up for the 735X? Looking for an option that can be rolled out of a trailer and used on a stand reliably. Eric – There’s just no way for us to realistically do that.

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The extra half-inch in width provides a little extra room over some of the 12-inch competition. A benchtop https://ralphjoneswoodworking.com/ is used to produce boards that have an even thickness and are flat on both sides. A planer can take a rough piece of wood and make the parallel faces flat while producing a thickness to your specification.

If users make purchases in those stores (e.g. ebay.com and Amazon.com) those affiliate links lead to referral compensation to us. These payments are very helpful to us, and add no additional fees to our users, so we are grateful for anyone who uses the affiliate links. We run our website based on principles of integrity, and don’t recommend any product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Any product claim about a service or product should be verified with the manufacturer. Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. Wear a dust mask, hearing protection and safety glasses when planing.

For about 5 years I had a 15-inch Grizzly thickness planer with a spiral cutterhead and a 8-inch jointer. I had a pretty good overall experience with the planer before upgrading to a Felder jointer-planer machine. You’ll see some photos of my Grizzly planer throughout this article. Oliver is a higher-end consumer / pro workshop brand of woodworking machinery. Oliver carries a large range of wood planers, running all the way from a $900 “lunch box” benchtop planer to a $14,000 production 25-inch planer with Byrd Shelix cutterhead.

Thickness planers adjust the thickness of a board, while jointers ensure that a board is flat across its width and length on one side. You can use a jointer to adjust the thickness of a board, though it will be less accurate and possibly take longer than with a benchtop planer. You cannot, however, ridgid jointer planer use a benchtop planer to flatten a board across its length. A benchtop planer can bring added value to a woodworking workshop, but you may still have some questions about this tool’s best use and operation. Ahead, answers to some of the most common questions about benchtop planers.

Maximum Speed Rpm

Be sure you’re starting with the right piece of wood by running it through your personal benchtop https://ralphjoneswoodworking.com/ridgid-6-jointer-review.htm. This affordable tool from Wen is among the most budget-friendly planers you can find. And when you consider it comes packed with little extras such as a dust bag and a parallel fence bracket, it seems like a really smart buy for bargain hunters. The 6-amp motor provides plenty of power, propelling the double-sided HSS blades up to 17,000 rpm. It can plane up to 3¼ inches wide, and the 16 positive steps help you execute precise cuts of up to a ⅛-inch deep.

  • With 26 two-edged blades, this JET planer consistently delivers accurate, smooth cuts of up to ⅛-inch deep.
  • I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the Jet 13″ benchtop planer and how it would compare to Dewalts benchtop planer.
  • If you want a machine that can keep up with strenuous use and demanding projects, choose the most powerful motor you can.

The prior owner did not have a dust collector and he obviously had run some wood through it planing across the grain. This procedure throws out long fibers of wood rather than chips. The discharge chute was quite clogged when I first used it.

The History Of The Planer

Thickness planers allow users to purchase a wider range of raw wood materials and mill the wood to the exact dimensions needed for a project. But if a decrease in price and weight were all there was to talk about, then the wood planer story wouldn’t be worth telling. What really makes wood planers shine right now is performance.

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